Behind the Business with... JET Refinery Filling Station

December 13, 2021

Following the much-anticipated re-opening of JET Humber Refinery – Andrew Smith, SSO takes us behind the business of the flourishing flagship site.

So, how has it been going following the re-opening?

Absolutely fantastic, the dream scenario! We’re doubling everything. Figures are really strong, footfall’s massively increased. It’s just flown from the minute we re-opened the doors. We’re two weeks in and we are crazy busy – couldn’t be happier.

Talk to us about the transformation - what’s  the response been like?

They can’t get over how posh it is! Everyone’s genuinely blown away. It took a while but it was absolutely worth the wait. Our HGV drivers are especially happy - having a dedicated area and their own entrance has had a significant impact. Everyone also loves the ‘Food to Go’ and we’re close to being the biggest deli offer in the network! The bacon and sausage buns are already a firm favourite.

We’re also noticing that the demographic of our car customers is changing - we’re definitely attracting new customers who wouldn’t have come in prior to the refurb.

Take us through a typical working day

I’m not sure there’s such a thing as a ‘typical’ day - but I’ll do my best! I start at 7, check in with the staff to make sure everyone is happy. Then I’ll focus on refresh, a stock review/check and re-orders. I then turn my attention to admin, which I like to get out the way so that I can be on the shop floor. No two days are the same and it’s about being ready and available to react to what the day has to offer. It’s a big part of what I like about the job.

What else do you like about your job?

It’s very mentally stimulating - there’s always something going on. I don’t like to sit still so it’s the perfect job for me. I like fixing problems and I love a challenge. Our customers are never slow to tell us what they do and don’t like!

Tell us about your relationship with JET

It’s great. You really don’t see the lines - it’s quite literally a seamless relationship and what more could you ask for? It’s great team and there’s no barrier - everyone working together to produce the best we can. I never have to worry, if something goes wrong Wayne (Wayne Oakes, District Manager, Phillips 66 Ltd) is always on hand to sort things out. It’s a strong, supportive relationship with a shared ambition for excellence.

How long have you been at JET Refinery?

I’ve been the SSO for the past three years and prior to that I was the manager. But I started out working the night shift for 12 years – so it’s been quite the journey.

What do you and your customers think about the new JET branding?

It’s upmarket and looks like a top tier garage. It’s slick and modern, almost futuristic. At night it looks like a spaceship – especially with the Refinery as a backdrop! It’s dramatic – especially at night. It’s extremely well put together and thought about and everyone loves it – and believe me they’d tell me if they didn’t! I really do feel proud of this site.

If you had to choose three words to sum up your job, what would they be?

Busy, tiring, stimulating.