Behind the Business with...JET Millpool

March 28, 2022

How many businesses have customers turn up with Christmas lunch? JET goes Behind The Business at Millpool to meet Siva Balasingham (SSO) who is managing a thriving site where care and consideration sit at the heart of the business.


How long have you been at Millpool?

I’ve been managing the business for the past two years and it’s been, and continues to be, a fantastic experience. Since JET came on board (JET UK Retail Limited acquired the previously Esso branded site in January 2020) we’ve gone from strength to strength.


Can you tell us about your relationship with JET

It’s a great team and Wayne (Wayne Oakes, District Manager, Phillips 66 Limited) is a fantastic guy. We are a committed team of ten and the relationship with JET feels like a genuine partnership. I feel 100% supported and if there is an issue or a problem it is sorted straight away. I’ve been in this business for over a decade and I’ve never had a working experience like this before. It’s rare, in any aspect of our lives, to feel really listened to and heard - and it makes for a happy, fulfilling working environment which filters down to our customers.


Describe a typical working day at Millpool

I get in for seven and crack on with the paperwork and ordering. I then like to spend some time on the till. It’s important to have that face-to-face contact and it’s a great way to pick up on what we are doing well and the areas we can improve on.


How have your customers reacted to the new JET branding?

It’s tidy, clean and feels really special. Our customers just can’t believe it. They love the colours and at night as you approach the site from the motorway - it glows and welcomes you! People feel drawn to come into the site and genuinely the feedback is always super positive. We are definitely getting new customers, people who would probably have driven by in the past are now stopping to fill up, bag a doughnut and check us out. People like coming here and we have regulars who come in on a daily basis to say ‘hello’ and make sure we are ok. We are open 24/7 - and on Christmas day we had customers bring us a turkey dinner! So unexpected and such a gift.


What three words would best sum up your job

I’ve read a lot of these features and am always impressed with the words people come up with. I’ve thought about it a lot and while they may not be the three words you were thinking of - they really do capture how I feel: ‘It’s simply happiness’.