Behind the Business with... JET Mill Hill

June 14, 2021

From agricultural workshop to JET forecourt – Chris Lord takes us ‘behind the business’ through three generations of ownership

Your site has passed through three generations. Tell us about the history of the business?

We’re a family of entrepreneurs and it’s this spirit that has helped shape the business to what it is today. My grandfather, who was a skilled mechanic, first took on the site launching it as an agricultural workshop in 1953. He serviced everything from tractors to machinery – they were very different times back then! Under my father, the business then expanded into car sales. That’s where my dad found his niche as king of the car showroom back in the 70s. He expanded into fuel before bringing me into the business and the rest is history. Being practical runs in the genes it seems!

What do you like most about the new branding and refit?

The new branding is stunning. When you approach the garage from the South, overlooking the flat Cambridgeshire fens, the first thing you see is the bright yellow canopy as you drive up – it’s really eye catching. It’s funny to think that when I first saw pictures of the new look, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but that all changed when I saw it in person. I can safely say it’s the best the site has ever looked, and the customers agree. And as someone who’s passionate about fuel, I was excited to expand our range by updating our pumps to have all four grades at every pump.

Describe your relationship with JET

We signed with JET nearly five years ago. From day one, I was sold on their honest approach and fair pricing model. I’ve also always had a fantastic relationship with all my account managers, who bring a wealth of experience, a great attitude and ultimately, you feel like you’re in safe hands. Naina my current account manager is great. One thing I’ve learned in my years as a business manager is that if you’re fair and nice with everyone then that will come back to you.

Best on-the-job memory?

Selling my first car. That’s when I had my first taste for sales and I’ve never looked back.

If you weren’t running a JET site – what would you be doing?

I’d be a philosopher – my original plan before becoming a businessman!

What do you love most about your customers?

There’s a real community spirit here. We’ve seen a great deal of our local customers during the pandemic and our staff go to great lengths to make sure they have everything they need and are well-looked after. It’s been humbling to see.

What’s next for JET Mill Hill?

We’re looking ahead to the future, finding new ways to serve our community and possibly also dabbling in the bbq business – because who doesn’t love a bbq??