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Supplying quality fuel

Our Approved Partners aim to deliver promptly and accommodate urgent requests, so you don't have to worry about getting caught short.

Our Commitment

With JET Approved Partners spread throughout the UK we have a keen sense of community across a broad scale whilst ensuring your home, workplace or farm is fully fuelled, year-round. Each JET Approved Partner has its own unique services to offer you.

National Quality Fuel

As a national supplier, with its own refinery, we supply quality heating oil, diesel and gas oil.

Trusted National Brand

JET has over 65 years’ experience in the UK and it's Approved Partners deliver to thousands of customers across the country, from Scotland to Cornwall.

Local Service

Our Approved Partners offer a personal service, with long-term staff and drivers who know your area well and become familiar faces.


Choose oil, the most efficient and economical choice

Every domestic house is different and you can rely upon our JET Approved Partners* to offer you a personalised service that accomodates your individual needs.

  • Range of modern vehicles to suit any access
  • The cheapest domestic heating fuel for many years
  • Safe and reliable
  • No standing charges


JET Approved Partners are at the heart of the agricultural community.

Because they are local, they understand the seasonal and weather-related factors that affect you and can provide the specialist service you need to keep your business running smoothly. They offer:

  • Reliable delivery service - same or next day if required
  • Range of modern vehicles to suit any access
  • Efficient and friendly customer service from experienced local staff


JET Approved Partners provide a first-class, competitive service to satisfy the varying needs of commercial and industrial fuel users in its local community. Whether you are in a hospital, school, manufacturing plant, construction site or haulier, they offer:

  • Range of modern vehicles to suit any access
  • Friendly customer service from experienced local staff
  • Expert technical assistance
  • Reliable delivery service when you need it

Humber Refinery

Our Humber refinery produces 14% of the UK's road transportation fuels and we are one of the largest suppliers of domestic, agricultural and industrial fuels to independent re-sellers and JET Approved Partners in the UK.

The oil produced here serves the JET Approved Partners across the UK. So whether you are in Devon or Dundee, Norwich or Northamptonshire rest assured that you’ll be receiving the very highest standard of UK fuel.

Oil Supplies FAQS

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What is a JET Approved Partner?

JET Approved Partners are independent distributors and established suppliers for all your heating oil, gas oil and diesel requirements right across the U.K. These distributors deliver fuel in the distinctive yellow and blue tankers, and you will see the JET logo as well as the company name of your local JET Approved Partner. You can have confidence that these distributors know your local area really well and offer a friendly and efficient service, all backed up with quality fuels and technical expertise from JET.*

*Phillips 66 Limited has no control over pricing and services offered by JET Approved Partners and accepts no liability for any damages or losses resulting their actions.

Are there biofuels in your products?

In line with the UK Government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (known as RTFO), transport fuel suppliers have a legal requirement to use a certain percentage of renewable fuels (e.g. biofuels, including ethanol), or pay a buy-out fee. Under the RTFO suppliers of road transport and non-road mobile machinery fuel in the UK must be able to show that a percentage of the fuel they supply comes from renewable and sustainable sources or pay a buy-out fee.

What is FAME?

FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester) is the generic chemical term for biodiesel derived from renewable sources. In the UK, these are mostly waste products like Used Cooking Oil, Vegetable Oils, Tallows and greases etc.

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*Phillips 66 Limited has no control over pricing and services offered by JET Approved Partners and accepts no liability for any damages or losses resulting from their actions.