Petrol engines have never had it so good.

JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded is our latest unleaded fuel. Its deep-cleaning formula helps get the most from petrol engines by removing dirt and deposits that build up over time and hinder performance. 1

Get more oomph.

JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded has a higher octane formula than our regular fuel. In engines that can take advantage of it, higher octane fuels deliver more power than lower octane fuels.

Improved acceleration, a smoother drive and more oomph at lower revs – all potential perks of removing built-up combustion deposits from vital engine parts.2

More than fuel.
JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded is the premium fuel that helps to get more out of your engine – designed to protect, perform and prolong. 1

JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded contains more of our powerful anti-corrosion additive to help protect vital parts – it’s even more defence for your engine.1

Dirt in your engine can stick to the injectors, valves or cylinder, impacting acceleration, emissions and fuel efficiency.  The super strong detergents in JET ULTRA attack these deposits, and coat the clean, key components in a special film to help prevent future build-up.1

By deep-cleaning, protecting and increasing the performance of your engine, JET ULTRA could lead to a longer engine life. 1

Actual benefits may vary due to many factors including, but not limited to, previous fuel used, the age, type and condition of your vehicle, road conditions, your style of driving and journey time
Performance improvement may be more noticeable in high performance cars

Information provided on our JET ULTRA Premium Fuels site is a result of research and testing by the detergent manufacturer (including laboratory, engine research on such detergent) and further supported by scientific literature research.