JET dealer jumps at the chance to help The British Horse Society.

The British Horse Society (BHS) recently launched a new safety campaign, ‘Dead? or Dead Slow?’, calling for greater protection for horses and riders on the roads.  JET dealer Lee Whiteman of Cotgrave Service Station jumped at the chance to feature his site and the JET brand in their photoshoot, hearing that they needed a location and knowing that road safety is important to JET.

Beth, from the BHS comments: “It was great to be able to come on site and get what we needed to do, done. Lee, you did a fantastic job with helping us get the branding fitted correctly and finding Amiee Shilton, (pictured above) with her 10-year-old horse Dave, who Amiee has owned for five years; they were both good sports! It went really well and has been widely published, appearing on BBC Breakfast TV and across social media.”

Well done Lee, for saddling the work in getting the JET brand in the ‘mane’-stream!