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An entrepreneur at heart

Nick started out in 2004 with the purchase of the already JET-branded Abbeyside Filling. With a combined annual volume of 46 mlpa, Nick puts much of his network’s success down to JET’s unique combination of brand strength and fuel quality.

“We’re very much in JET’s heartland here and most people have been brought up with the JET brand. They see JET as a local brand, very much ‘chimneypots and terraces’. But it’s more than just JET’s heritage – people in the North East equate the JET brand with quality and value.”

Working for me

“Overseeing five forecourts means my time is at an absolute premium, so I need a fuel supplier I can trust to do what they say they’ll do when they say it. And JET does. Efficient operations are key and reliability of fuel deliveries is vital.

When they commit to a time, they stick to it and being able to choose a two-hour delivery window is fantastic. JET’s scheduling team is really flexible and they always do their best to work around our requests, which allows us to cut down our operational costs.

“When you commit to working with a brand for five years across five sites you need to be sure you won’t spend all your time chasing them, no matter how good the deal or brand might be.  Working with JET means quick answers, no time lost, an easy work arrangement and money saved.”

I’ve partnered with JET for 16 years and I’m still 100% confident I couldn’t find a better fuel partner

Sentinel 10% conversion 
and rising

“More and more customers are expecting premium grade product – and there’s no such thing as a stereotypical premium fuel customer.  

It’s everyone from sports car owners and business drivers, to family car owners and drivers who commute long distances. The only thing they all have in common is the desire to put high quality fuel in their cars and the willingness to pay that little bit extra. So when JET highlighted the availability of their new SENTINEL™ Diesel product, I decided to try it. Initially I was worried that some of the sales might be misfills rather than an intent to buy, but it was very clear early on that the demand was definitely there.

“In just six months since I introduced SENTINEL across my network, we’ve converted 10-15% of our standard grade diesel sales to premium.  Our customers have embraced premium fuel and report getting higher MPG from SENTINEL”

Future plans

“I’m not one to rest on my laurels and with the £1.3 million redevelopment of my Abbeyside forecourt in Selby now complete, I’m already looking at plans to enhance my other sites.

I know that JET will support me and will be rooting for my continued success. And that’s not something you can say about every fuel supplier!”

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