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When you need to speak to someone, our helpful, friendly team are always on hand.

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With our fuel plans what you see is what you get. We only offer clear and transparent fuel deals with no hidden charges.

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We have 50 years’ experience as a UK refiner, so you can be sure you're in safe hands.

Our dealers are more satisfied than dealers from four of the top fuel brands

100% of JET dealers were either completely satisfied or fairly satisfied with their current fuel supplier, while 91-94% of dealers from four of the top fuel brands were either completely satisfied or fairly satisfied


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What makes JET a good choice for the independent service station retailer?

At JET we get to know you personally and we’re always on hand to help when you need it. We’re also backed by a large multi-national energy company, Phillips 66.

Our Humber refinery produces 14% of the UK’s road transportation fuels and we are one of the largest suppliers of domestic, agricultural and industrial fuels to independent re-sellers and JET-branded distributors in the UK.

We’re competitive, we only offer clear and transparent fuel deals with no hidden costs. So, if you’re looking for the smartest forecourts, friendly and dedicated Account Managers, and reliable, competitive fuel deals, you’re in the right place. And the best news is, it’s easy to switch.

What's the difference between a JET dealer and a JET Service Station Operator?

SSO's are third parties contracted by JET to operate a JET company owned petrol station on a commission operation basis. A JET dealer owns and operates its site independently, under a branding and fuel supply agreement with JET.

Where does JET's fuel come from?

The JET brand is backed by Phillips 66's own refinery in Northern Lincolnshire and JET's quality fuel is transported via road tanker, pipeline, rail and shipping to multiple locations across the UK. Like many other brands, in areas where it is not economical to use fuel from the refinery, we buy from third parties, but always ensuring the fuel meets the same high standards.

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