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With over 65 years' experience at JET, we offer quality fuels so you can Keep on Moving

Fuels we offer

  • JET Unleaded to BS EN 228 (Min RON 95.0)
  • JET Diesel to BS EN590
  • JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded to BS EN228 (Min RON 97.0)
  • JET ULTRA Premium Diesel to BS EN590

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Premium Unleaded
Protect. Perform. Prolong.

Help get more performance out of your petrol engine compared to regular JET fuels.
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Premium Diesel
Protect. Perform. Prolong.

Help make your diesel engine cleaner than regular JET diesel, and more effective overall.
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For petrol engines, you can choose between our standard unleaded (95 octane) or our JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded (97 octane) grades.

  • Both are cleverly formulated to produce optimum reliable performance
  • Blended with a dependable additive package designed to assist with your everyday driving needs


For Diesel engines, you can choose between our standard diesel or our JET ULTRA Premium Diesel.

  • Both are cleverly formulated to produce the optimum reliable performance no matter which car you own
  • JET ULTRA Premium Diesel has more active cleaning molecules than our standard grade diesel - it's designed to protect, perform and prolong

Drivers FAQs

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If I have a query about a specific JET petrol service station how do I get in touch?

If the question is about the day to day operation of the site, including services offered, opening hours and car parking, we recommend that you get in touch with the site directly. The day to day running of the site is handled at each individual petrol station site by the dealer or SSO.

Do your fuels contain Ethanol?

Drivers looking to fill up at one of our 300+ JET branded petrol station forecourts throughout the UK currently have two fuel options: they can choose our regular JET petrol which contains up to 10%ethanol (E10) as per latest BS EN228 or, where it is available, they can choose our new JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded, with its minimum 97 RON, containing up to5% ethanol (E5).

Will JET ULTRA Premium Fuel work in my engine?

JET ULTRA Premium Unleaded meets the BS EN 228 British Standard, and JET ULTRA Premium Diesel meets the BS EN 590 standard. These are British Standards for fuel on which vehicles are designed to run. The effects of cleaning depend on factors such as what fuel you used previously, age, type and state of your vehicle, the road conditions, your style of driving and journey time.

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*Information provided on our JET ULTRA Premium Fuels site is a result of research and testing by the detergent manufacturer (including laboratory, engine research on such detergent) and further supported by scientific literature research. 

*Actual benefits may vary due to many factors including, but not limited to, previous fuel used, the age, type and condition of your vehicle, road conditions, your style of driving and journey time. Performance improvement may be more noticeable in high performance car.