Dealer Package


At JET we understand the challenges you face as an independent dealer so we’ve developed a Dealer Package and broken it down into four key areas: fuel, supply, forecourt support services and retail support services.


“My customers associate JET with high quality fuel” Solly Patel, SK Fuels

Our fuel consistently meets or exceeds British standards. With our own Humber refinery producing 14 million litres of petrol a day and more than 90% of dealer fuels sourced from a UK refinery, you can rest assured that our fuel is top tier quality.


Have you considered the implications of running out of fuel even for a short-time, both in profits and customer loyalty?

Customers are unlikely to return to a filling station when they have visited previously to be told the site has run out of fuel. Security of supply is critical for your business reputation and ensuring you do not lose profits. JET provide the best security of supply in the industry. Our Humber refinery is one of the most advanced in Europe and is critical to the UK market, giving us a secure position and power in negotiating excellent supply deals at supply points across the UK.

We’ve invested over £720 million in our refinery and terminals over the past ten years and by combining our own fuel, established logistics and security of supply we’re confident that our offer can’t be beaten.

Tailored Packages

More people than ever before are visiting forecourts for things other than fuel,  a broader range of products and services on your site can attract new customers.

We’ve developed a raft of compelling service deals, initiatives, technology solutions and special offers to help you improve your business. From helping you look after your equipment and simplifying your payments, to creating more convenience choice and supporting you to attract footfall to your sites and deliver great customer service.

We’ve teamed up with respected and consumer recognised brands including SPAR, Tokheim, Suresite, Amazon, ePay, DC Payments, Fleetone and eXPresso PLUS to ensure you stand out from your local competition.

Retail Support Services

A clean, well-maintained and properly lit forecourt is a key consideration for potential customers to choose you over a competitor.

Our aim is to promote a safe and positive experience for consumers and our dealers alike through branding, safety, forecourt maintenance and security.

Our Proud to be JET standards and service programme encourages higher safety and forecourt standards, generating increased footfall, enhancing customer loyalty, and generating higher revenues for you. And there is no cost to the Dealer!

To find out more about our industry-leading Dealer Package get in touch. We'd love to talk to you.