Our Fuels

Via supply from our Humber Refinery we provide unleaded, diesel, super unleaded and, as of May 2015, SENTINEL™ DIESEL.


SENTINEL™ DIESEL is JET’s new premium diesel specially designed to guard against harmful deposits and improve fuel economy.

SENTINEL™ DIESEL is JET’s most technologically advanced, high-performance diesel fuel

The laboratory-tested formula:

  • Cleans the engine, boosting power where you need it and provides excellent corrosion control
  • Provides improved fuel economy in older engine designs and helps reduce emissions
  • Maintains optimum performance in modern direct injection engines, and has excellent injector deposit control


SENTINEL™ DIESEL is available at selected JET service stations around the UK.

Please note: Actual effects and benefits may vary according to vehicle, age of vehicle, driving conditions and driving style. Actual or potential benefits relate to a detergent element which is designed to help clean up deposits in your engine. Corrosion protection based on laboratory tests carried out according to ASTM D665A.


Our Humber Refinery produces some of the highest quality retail fuels available, meeting all relevant British Standards and applicable European legislation. All retail grades supplied below are sulphur free i.e. contain a sulphur content level of less than 10mg/kg.

  • Sulphur Free Premium Unleaded Petrol to B S EN 228
  • Sulphur Free Super Unleaded Petrol toBS 7800 / BS EN 228 
  • Sulphur FreeDiesel to BS EN 590 
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