Our business operations are spread across 3 different sites within the UK. Find out more about each locations key activities and facilities.


Around 180 people work at Phillips 66 Ltd Warwick office. The office was awarded the Warwickshire Employer of Choice 2006 award in the large company category.


The Phillips 66 Ltd London office is home to our Europe, Africa and Middle East Commercial group and also houses the headquarters for our European Downstream business.

Around 180 people work in our London office in a variety of roles covering trading/trading support, corporate finance/treasury, business development, legal counsel, human resources and IT.


The Humber Refinery, situated on the North East coast of England is one of the most complex in the UK. It is built across 480 acres and employs over 750 people.

Every day the refinery processes some 234,000 barrels of crude oil and other feedstocks as well as gasoline and diesel for transportation. The refinery produces propylene, benzene and other feedstocks used in the manufacture of products such as detergents, toiletries and plastics of all types.

Phillips 66 Limited, 2 Kingmaker Court, Warwick Technology Park, Warwick CV34 6DB
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