Dealer package

As independent dealers you face a set of challenges.  The fuel market has changed dramatically over the last ten years. Competition from supermarkets has reduced the number of independent dealers by 29% since 2003 and has driven down margins by discounting prices subsidised by their grocery businesses.  Working hours are long, operating costs are high and margins are tight.  On top of this the amount of regulation is growing and site safety is a constant concern.

In addition, you need to find time to grow your business, keep on top of the latest business practices, find the next great idea to help develop your business, get the most out of high value customers and market everything effectively to drive more consumers to your forcourts and shops.

JET can help.  Our dealer package supports you with all of this, and is broken into four core areas:



At Jet we are proud of the reputation of our fuel, which exceeds British Standards.  With our own refinery and more than 90% of dealer fuels sourced from a UK refinery our fuel is Tier 1 quality.  We produce 14 million litres of fuel a day from our Humber refinery with consistent excellence.

For Jet dealers it means great fuel, great value and security of supply.

We also provide a comprehensive range of competitively priced JETMax engine oils.


At Jet we focus on quality, reliability and safety and we believe that Jet provides the best security of supply to independent dealers in the UK.

As one of only three UK oil companies that own its own refinery we know we have both a secure position and power in negotiating excellent supply deals.

Our short resilient and flexible supply chains for our UK dealers shield you against shock from international politics, price fluctuations or contamination whilst in transport.


ForecourtSupportServices_RGB_72dpiForecourt Support Services

Our innovative Forecourt Support Services aim to help create the best forecourts in the industry by promoting a great consumer experience, offering excellent staff training, reducing wasted time and costs and making them as safe a place as they can be.

We do all we can to help you maintain a clean, well-branded forecourt. We provide:

  • JET branded fully illuminated LED pole signs, canopy pods and under canopy lighting, pumps, signage and shop facia.
  • Free annual forecourt clean (everything under the canopy)
  • JET healthy – car wash, vacuum, air machine and free diagnostic checks
  • Free uniforms


Pump maintenance

We offer regular pump maintenance services covering pump surveys, preventative maintenance and free filter checks annually.  We provide dedicated local engineers, replacement of all parts and service costs all with market leading SLAs.

Suresite safety audit

Safety is at the heart of all we do.  Our free suresite safety audit will help find site defects before they become major problems and we can provide capital funding for improvements.

Cash collection

Through our agreement with the Post Office we provide a tailored secure cash collection service, saving time, and overcoming the danger of ‘walking’ your cash to the bank.

Proud to be Jet

Our standards and service programme sets JET apart in the marketplace.  We assess and reward top performing JET dealers with services to enhance their site further.

RetailSupportServices_RGB_72dpiRetail Support Services

JET has built a reputation for excellent and friendly service over 60 years.  Our Retail Support Services aim to help you reduce administrative time, cut your credit card costs, develop your site, drive awareness in your community and help ensure that your input drives our future.

Our Territory Managers and Account Co-ordinators will work to understand your issues and support you with:

Card Services

We will take care of all your credit card issues.  Low merchant service costs and one-three day payment terms mean we provide a transparent service at a competitive fee.  We also pay the first six months of our card scheme fee if you transfer to JET.

Our Fleet One and Jet loyalty cards add additional value to business and local customers.

Capital investment

We offer flexible capital investment options to help develop any part of your site and services.

Marketing tool kit

If you want to make a splash around a site improvement or locally supported initiative we offer marketing support tools and services.

CPNet & Jet Marketing Council

Our extranet – CPNet – gives our dealers access to their account information, industry news, product specifications and health and safety guidelines 24 hours a day.  Get your management information input directly to your systems to save time, cut errors and reduce accountancy fees.

The JET Marketing Council offers you the chance to share your views, shape the future of JET and have some fun.

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