JET Dealer Case Studies

At JET we enjoy talking to our dealers.

We take an active interest in how our dealers run their business; what issues they face and how JET’s products, services and people have a made a real difference to their success.

We believe that the experiences of our dealers are the best advert for JET. If you are considering changing brands (or even if you are not) please read on and find out what some of our dealers have to say about us and how we have helped them overcome their challenges and grow their businesses.


Brian Connolly, Maybole Service Station

“JET/SPAR dual branding has boosted our takings from £8,000 to £20,000 a week with a 10% increase in fuel sales!”

Read Brian’s full story with JET here


Chris Cundall, Chidswell Service Station

“JET’s Amazon Lockers deal is proving a big hit with dealers and their customers”

Read Chris’ full story with JET here


Eddie Bright, Melton Mowbray Brobot Petroleum

“Volumes are still going strong, with JET sites due to contribute 95 million litres in 2015”

Read Eddie’s full story with JET here


Ghulam Yasin, Mostyn Broadway Service Station

“When I did the maths, JET’s card deal came out at 37% cheaper than the deals at my existing non-JET sites. That’s a saving of nearly £5,000 annually!”

Read Ghulam’s full story with JET here


Sebastian Nonis, Forfar Road Service Station

“To survive we had to have a good fuel brand that could offer us competitive pricing”

Read Sebastian’s full story with JET here


Paul Winn, Broadland Service Station

“Since we swapped to JET we’ve seen very pleasing growth year on year”

Read Paul’s full story with JET here


Seevaratnam Muresh, Emsworth Service Station

“They (our previous brand) didn’t seem to want to make too much effort to help us and pretty much said ‘here is the deal take it or leave it’ – so I left it!”

Read Seevaratnam’s full story with JET here


Nick Baker, NJB Services – Yorkshire

“Strong brands make a difference. When I combined JET with the new retail offerings fuel volume rose by 25% in six weeks whilst still protecting our margins.”

Read Nick’s full story with JET here


Jim Funnell, Houghton Garage – Leicestershire

“JET has an advanced refinery, which it is very proud of. They produce their own fuel, have great UK infrastructure and are not at the mercy of international markets for supply.”

Read Jim’s full story with JET here


Louise Hammond, Hammonds Service Station – Suffolk

“Before Christmas they ran a £5,000 prize draw to celebrate JET’s 60th birthday and our volumes jumped by 12%!”

Read Louise’s full story with JET here


Margo Paterson, Parkhouse Service Station – Scotland

“No one else could prove that when there were problems, they would stand by us…”

Read Margo’s full story with JET here







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